Anything that is worth it in the end never comes easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun getting there. 
Fashun skewl is what, like, you go to when like, you’re really good at shopping, right?

Hahahaha funny story. The stereotypes of an agenda at fashion do not match up to the reality, especially for fashion design students. Fashion design is not for the light of heart. You must be well-versed in fashion houses, designers, fabrics, sewing, pattern-making, fashion rendering, computer aided design programs, as well as the current trends in all genres of pop culture, and the list goes on. You must always know your customer and you must always be one step ahead of the other guy. Therefore, a class schedule for an FIT fashion design student is a rigorous one. The minimum is about 16 credits, but most of us are taking 19-21 just to get our degrees on time. Let alone the fact that our assignments involve creating original garments meaning we are in the work studio until 2am finishing it all up. But if you love fashion design, this is the beauty of it all. 

Anything that is worth it in the end never comes easy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun getting there. 

For my latest fashion art project I was assigned to create an activewear collection for the contemporary market for any sport of your choosing and I chose Yoga. Because one must learn to design for the future, I headed to Bloomingdale’s on 60th for some research and inspiration. Then to the fashion district for fabric swatches of actual fabrics I would make the collection in if this collection were to ever go into production. Then to class to get these fabrics and designs approved by my professor who is the acting ‘boss” of the company (and also to bounce ideas off of, he does work in the industry currently). Then to creating an actual market research presentation. Then designing croquis (fashion models) and designing up to 30 complete outfits which I would only choose 5 for this very small project (placing the rest in my design journal for future reference). Sounds like a lot, huh? There are so many aspects to fashion design that are not thought of. This is the magic behind the industry. The love of detail, fabric choice, design, and running around the city like a lunatic all make up the magic of the life of a fashion student in NYC.

Below is a taste of my current homework (due tomorrow may I add).... a day in the life of Roni, the fashion design student.

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