An amazing fall day frolicking through the Stables Markets in Camden Town. Feeling like an indie movie. 
Spending my semester abroad in London has been the best decision. Ever. I've met some amazing people and been to all of the sights that most people only see on postcards. I'm living in Camden, a super indie and young area that's sprawling with street markets and "true punks" marching around in full leather getups. The pub next door is always packed with the most colorful characters- and I've become witness to types of piercings I never knew existed. 

Today my friends and I explored the Stables Markets. After getting lost amongst the hundreds of shops and enduring being yelled at in 7 languages ("$5 FOR PHOTOS"), we came out with an awesome experience and surprisingly, all of our wallets in tact. It was a good day in north London. 

Houndstooth dress: Urban Outfitters (sold out), military jacket: H&M, boots: Doc Marten, necklace: Target

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