That's right, no rest. Midterms week is upon us all. 

Although it feels kind of fabulous when you're up all night drawing lingerie figures......
"Design body shaping lingerie for the modern woman" assigned my professor.

The modern woman: someone who is fierce and fashionable, but still wants to be able to eat her mcDonald's when she feels like it. 

That's where conscious undergarment design comes in.

I wanted to create a mini-collection that hugged the woman's body in the hopes to bring out the most confident version of herself. When it boils down to it, we all are self conscious at one point or another in life. Wearing clothing with the correct fit to enhance the body can boost her confidence like no other. Don't we all have a favorite pair of jeans or even a blouse that we wear because we know we look and FEEL good in it? That's what I wanted to design, clothes that make you shine inside and out.

On the other side of that, I also wanted to push my artistic ability. Since I am a junior in college and senior year will be here before we all know it, I decided to make this a portfolio piece. 

Just like every other collection, I started at square one: Fabric selection. I went to Spandex House for power mesh fabrics and thick, body contouring spandexes with hopes to find the fabric of my dreams for a body-shaping jumpsuit. Then to Elegant Fabrics on 40th street for laces, silks, silk jerseys, and every other beautiful thing I could find. Then the infamous Mood Fabrics for even more lace as well as a trim store for feathers, beads, and embellishments.

Then market research at Bergdorf Goodman and Sak's 5th Ave for a taste of high-end lingerie and Macy's for lingerie for the everyday woman as inspiration.

Then to the drawing board, literally. 

After countless hours of rendering and creating on photoshop coupled with countless meetings with my professor for revisions, I took my final pdf to a local print shop to be bound into a look book.

If you we ever have the chance of meeting face to face, you would instantly see that I'm a girly girl at heart. A girly girl who can't help but design with femininity. My aesthetic has always been feminine and fashionable mixed with functionality, but after living in New York City for 2 years, the edge of the Big Apple has rubbed off on me. I wanted this project to hit upon the traditional feminine side of lingerie with an edgy, strong twist. That is why I chose a firebird for inspiration. A firebird, to me, represents the light, airy elegance every woman wants to feel when showing herself off to the world, yet extremely powerful and sexy with it's fiery, intense colors. Hence the strong reds and deep neutrals.

So here are some of the steps along the way and a preview of the finished product , let me know what you guys think! For once, not sleeping paid off....
Claire Brennan
11/05/2013 3:42pm

Love where these girls are going!!

11/06/2013 8:38pm

Thanks !!

11/05/2013 3:50pm

These are beautiful! You have some serious talent right there:)

<a href="">f.s.h.t</a> x

11/06/2013 8:40pm

Thanks so much! p.s. i'm diggin' your Halloween makeup tutorials!

11/06/2013 1:24pm

No wonder your work has been turning heads... This is amazing!

Don't worry, winter break will be here before you know it ;)

11/09/2013 8:45pm

Your work is gorgeous! I appreciate a good piece of lingerie!

xo, TCG

11/15/2013 4:25pm

thanks lady! lingerie is an underappreciated art for, as do I


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