I don't even know how the 3 of us would write this blog if we weren't so good at coming up with punny titles.

In today's post, I'll be talking about matching top and short/ pant/ skirt sets. Most of the time when you think of matching sets, you think of children's clothes. Sets have graduated from children's wear and pajamas to make some pretty sassy outfits. Check out some of the ones I found after the cut. 

It may not be the Equinox yet, but looking outside in Philadelphia today, it's definitely Winter to me. My favorite thing that Winter brings is WEARING SWEATERS ALL DAY EVERY DAY!
So let's celebrate the upcoming holiday with 
The 25 Days of Sweaters!
Happy first day of snow to Philadelphia!

I like patterns. You should like patterns. So then we all like patterns.
 And now you can learn how to wear more than one.

Here are the latest pieces of I've done this semester. There's been some late nights and lots of coffee, but I think it's been all worth it. Check out the process after the cut!

The Six Reviews of Lipstick
like the 12 Days of Christmas, only way better. 

Reviewing everything NYX from lipstick, to lip cream to lipgloss! Hope you enjoy it!

Halloweekend is over, but is it ever too early to start planning for next year?

For my Illustration Methods class at University of the Arts, I was given a dream assignment,

"Do Whatever you want"

Just make it communicate something and make it fantastic.

These are things I can work with. After the cut, I'll show you each individual print and my hand lettering process.

Ever love a painting so much that you want to dress like it? ...me too.
So, I adapted these three paintings by Chris Buzelli, Jessie Willcox Smith, and Charlie Immer into outfits you can wear.

Yesterday, I received these beauts in the mail. And I gotta tell ya, these spiked saddle shoes is like my family.