Ever love a painting so much that you want to dress like it? ...me too.
So, I adapted these three paintings by Chris Buzelli, Jessie Willcox Smith, and Charlie Immer into outfits you can wear.
I love puns and I love Illustration, so here you go.

Wanna be foxy?

Chris Buzelli:

NPR Fox, 18"x24", oil on panel


1.  Hat: Modcloth 2.Dress: Modcloth 
3.Tights: Anthropologie 4. Shoes: Urbanog

Be the Beauty, not the beast.

Jessie Willcox Smith:

Beauty and the Beast, 8"x10"


1. Headband: Forever 21 2. Scarf: American Apparel 
3. Jacket: H&M 4.Dress: SheInside 5.Shoes: Modcloth

Embrace your "immer" beauty.

Charlie Immer:

Layers, 5"x7", oil on panel


1. Cardigan: SheInside 2.Shirt: Old Navy 3.Bracelet:Forever 21 4.Pants: Forever 21
5.Booties: Modcloth

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