Some amazing movies have been hitting the box office this month, carried by some of the most fashionable women in the film industry. Get some of their street style looks for less.
Olivia Wilde, one of the stars of the blockbuster hit Rush that debuted in October (and forever my biggest female crush), is donning patterned pants and ready for fall. 
Pants: Pac Sun (or Forever 21), Coat: Express, Scarf: Forever 21, Shoes: Macy's,  Bag: Sole Society, Hat: Miss Selfridge, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

The stunning Cate Blanchett played the lead in the new Woody Allen film Blue Jasmine, which was just released in the UK this week. She works the sophisticated and cool style literally 24/7. But seriously, this woman could look classy in her sleep. 

Pants: ASOS, Blazer: Zara, Bag: Kohl's, Sunglasses: Modcloth, Sandals: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: Gap

As if she needs an introduction, Oscar-award winning actress, Sandra Bullock, flaunts her leather leggings just in time for autumn. Her film Gravity with her longtime friend George Clooney just annihilated box offices. I know I'm on my way to see it this week... with a dream team like Bullock and Clooney, how could you pass it up?

Sweater: Kohl's, Leggings: River Island, Boots: Forever 21, Jacket: American Apparel, Sunglasses: Nordstrom

Chloe Moretz has been on fire, and for good reason. This talented actress has yet to show us a bad performance, and what's more her style is totally KICKASS (get it? movie pun...) as we can see in this adorable military jacket. Although her newest movie hasn't premiered yet, it will be coming to theaters this weekend. She'll be playing the lead in the much-anticipated Carrie remake. 

Jacket: Nordstrom, Leggings: Gap, Bag: River Island, Shoes: Macy's, Sunglasses: Topshop

Okay, okay, I know it's not technically "street style," but Viola Davis looked dazzling at the premiere of her film Prisoners this month. This woman isn't just beauty, let me tell you. Her performance in this movie, although not the lead, was heartbreaking. I guarantee she wins an Oscar in the next five years, or else something is wrong with the world. 
-Note, Prisoners is not a film for the faint of heart, but definitely worth seeing if you can handle violence. 

Dress: Macy's (or for a younger look, try Mango), Shoes: River Island, Clutch: Oasis

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