Never throw away scrap yarn. An unspoken rule knitting nerds live by. Many times your leftovers produce the best projects. GET CREATIVE (with your 10 yards of orange yarn leftover that is)...
As some of you may already know, I am a knitting GEEK.  So much so that I specialize in it in college. Nerd status.  

Now I have been hand knitting since I was about 12. I know a thing or two about purls. But when it comes to machine knitting, I am a fish out of water. During my Intro to Machine Knitting class this semester, we ended the semester with jacquard knitting (basically knitting a picture or a pattern repeat into a piece of knit fabric). Sounds pretty advanced, but in retrospect it was fairly easy. With knitting, your mind is your only limitation because you are creating the fabric yourself. As opposed to wovens where you go to a fabric store and pick out what you would like, with knitting you design every step along the way. Every single stitch. And from there create your own fabric with which to create a garment. 

For my class assignment I was inspired by Indian wedding henna rituals which I then interpreted into as my pattern. In class we played around with a variety or pattern repeats. I became so inspired ( and so in awe that I have the capability and the knowledge to knit jacquards now) that I used the leftover scraps that other knitting students had discarded, and made my very own infiniti scarf.

It took me 5 tries until I got the exact design I wanted for my scarf. So yes, that means 5 other scarves (meaning christmas presents for my family), But it was all worth it.

Below is some of my inspiration, swatched which i created along the process, and the scarf about half way done on the knitting machine.
love always,
12/27/2013 12:22pm

That scarf is amazing! I can't believe you knit it. That's so awesome! It turned out great.

Stephanie Marzolino
01/02/2014 2:39pm

Very beautiful scarf!! You have some awesome talent in you kid, keep going forward!! Best of luck Stephanie


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