Finals week can be Hell....

From studying every waking minute and not seeing the outside of your dorm room for days to the anticipation of winter break, finals week is a mess. 

I don't know about you guys, but finals week (more like finals month) has got me stressed out the wazoo. Luckily, the beauty of New York during the holiday season helps alleviate the stress. Whenever I get stressed with all the work I have to do for the end of this current semester (i.e. 5 garments and a plethora of art projects and papers) I just put on Christmas music and think how soon I'll be home with my family underneath the Christmas tree. Soon enough all of this studying and work will have paid off and it will all just be a memory.

Everyone is enduring the reality that is finals week, so why not and try and make it a pleasant experience?

Therefore, I bought hot cocoa and candy canes. What better way to study than with hot cocoa, candy canes and christmas music?
This time, INSTEAD of simply making the hot cocoa and eating the candy canes, I had the grand idea of mixing them into cookie dough. AND IT WAS THE GREATEST IDEA EVER.

Now it may not look all that appetizing but i swear to you that this is the best cookie dough you will ever eat.

So go ahead, give yourself an hour break from studying for finals (you deserve it) and make some cookies from scratch, add in 2 packets of hot cocoa mix and 6 candy canes broken into itty bitty pieces. Don't forget to dance and sing all around the kitchen to your favorite holiday songs while doing so.
Britty Kaz
12/10/2013 7:35pm

You guys are actually the cutest and I absolutely love this whole blog idea. Just sayin'.. keep it up :) love you guyzz

12/16/2013 7:38pm

Thanks so much Britty <3 can't wait to see you soon! love you too :)

Claire Brennan
12/12/2013 8:19pm


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