A Stay Warm Tip for a frigid winter

Freezing cold temperatures are coming to town....
Being a girl, I tend to be frozen on a daily basis. Now I don't know about you, but wearing 5 layers just to keep from shaking like a leaf isn't all that sexy. Where the cold hits me the most is my poor little legs. Think about it. You are all bundled up in a sweater and puffer jacket down to your hips: torso covered; and boots with thick socks up to your calves: feet snuggly warm; what's left alone to tackle the frigid winter weather? Your poor little legs with only a pair of thin denim jeans to keep you warm. Pathetic.

Now I can't stress this enough, I am cold on a daily basis. In a constant, life-long search to stay warm, one finds resources. Instead of wearing yoga pants underneath my jeans (bulky and uncomfortable) I stumbled upon these gems last year.....
Uniglo heat techn leggings $14.90
Now these don't look like much, but boy will they surprise you. I even found myself sweating at some points! I started off wearing them underneath my jeans. They are thin enough that they fit comfortably underneath all my jeans, even my tight skinny jeans. Plus the elastic waistband is comfortable and doesn't give you an unwanted muffin top underneath your other clothes.  

After wearing them a few times under my jeans, I started to treat them like tights and wore them with dresses. I then became addicted and went back and bought them in grey as well, even though my black pair are extremely versatile that I have been wearing them way too much that I needed another pair to keep up with my laundry habits. 

If you have never been to Uniglo, you are in for a whirlwind. From pj's to socks to gloves to underwear, to anything you can dream of (including leggings made from fuzzy sock material)  Uniglo has made a version in heat tech fabrics. I caved and bought myself a pair of heat tech socks late to deem it the best consumer decision of 2013. Bold? Maybe. Try them yourself and see if you agree...     (they're only $12.90, c'mon people)

Plus they have everything in men's versions as well. Now to keep myself from clearing my bank account with heat tech everything. One of everything, please.

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