I like patterns. You should like patterns. So then we all like patterns.
 And now you can learn how to wear more than one.

1. Keep patterns in the same color scheme.

1. Blouse: Forever 21
2. Skirt: ModCloth
3. Shoes: Urbanog
4. Head wrap: Urban Outfitters

This outfit is completely made up of oranges and blues (if you are an art student, you know these are opposites on the color wheel, BOOM). By keeping the three patterns in the same color family, it allows them to work together instead of looking ridiculous.

2. Wear different sizes of patterns.

1. Top: Forever 21
2. Scarf: Forever 21
3. Pants: Forever21
4. Wedges: Urbanog

Playing with the size of prints makes it easy to wear more than one. In this outfit, the pants are the dominant pattern while the scarf and top are more subtle. Since they are different sizes, they support each other rather than compete.

3. Mix Patterns with solids.

1. Shirt: H&M
2. Jumper: ModCloth
3. Stockings: Anthropologie
4. Shoes: Urbanog

Mixing patterns with large solids can bring patterns together and make them work in one outfit. Although the plaid and the owl patterns are very different, the black jumper and black shoes link everything as one.

4. Use a pattern as a neutral.

1. Dress: Modcloth
2. Sweater: Urban Outfitters
2. Stockings: Forever 21
4. Heels: Urbanog

Some patterns (like the black and white polka dot stockings seen here) are so tiny that they can be seen as a neutral. As you know, neutrals can be mixed with anything, like a lovely fair isle inspired print dress from ModCloth. Mixing larger, busier patterns with simple, smaller patterns can give a lot of subtle interest to an outfit.

5. Space out patterns.

1. Head Wrap: Anthropologie
2. Tee: Forever 21
3. Skirt: Forever 21
4. Jacket: Forever 21
5. Shoes: Urbanog

Separating patterns with solids also makes it easier to wear multiple patterns at once. That way, the eye gets a break, successfully making you look cute instead of looking like you got dressed in the dark.

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