I don't even know how the 3 of us would write this blog if we weren't so good at coming up with punny titles.

In today's post, I'll be talking about matching top and short/ pant/ skirt sets. Most of the time when you think of matching sets, you think of children's clothes. Sets have graduated from children's wear and pajamas to make some pretty sassy outfits. Check out some of the ones I found after the cut. 

6. Urban Outfitters

top: $49.00

shorts: $49.00
(both available in black)

This shirt and top from UO is made of a tweed fabric. Since the pieces are made from a heavier and more bulky textile, I think this set would be appropriate for Winter and Autumn. For Winter, you could pair the set with sweater tights, knee length boots, and a jacket. In the Fall, I'd try wearing it with a jean jacket and ankle booties, and possibly a thin pair of tights. In the Spring and Summer, I would make use of the pieces as separates. I think wearing both pieces together in the warmer months may look a little heavy.

5. Urban Outfitters

top: $34.00
(also available in black and white)

shorts: $39.00
(also available in black)

Another great top and short set from Urban Outfitters. What I love about this set is the quilting. For me, it kind of gives it a nod to pajama sets, but in something you could wear out. I really like that the shirt is less fitted, while the shorts are cut close to the body. I think the shirt could be utilized in any season, but the shorts say more Spring/Summer to me. I'm not really sure if I see this outfit working for Winter as much, mostly because of the color. If you bought the black set, I think it would be easier to transition from season to season (but you wouldn't see the beautiful quilting as much!).

4. Bloomingdales

top: $66.00

skirt: $88.00

I love this top and skirt combination so much. I think making the shirt a horizontal stripe while having the skirt be a chevron stripe was a smart choice. It makes the set look slightly less "matchy." Once again, with this set you have a lot of possibilities with separates. The shirt would go great with high waisted jeans or shorts. Most blouses would go well with the skirt. And they also work together! Personally, I love stripes, so I don't think you can go wrong with either of these two pieces.

3. Bloomingdales

top: $68.00

pants: $78.00

I really like this set, but I'm not sure if it would be for everyone. The top isn't fitted and neither are the pants. If you are looking for a really fitted look, this shirt and pants wouldn't really work for you. However, I can totally picture it with wedges and a big, long, beaded necklace to sit outside and drink margaritas in the Summer. I can also picture it dressed down with sneakers and a ponytail to wear to the park. I find both of these pieces quite wearable separately as well. Since the print is black and white, I think it would be quite easy to find other pieces to pair them with.


top: $45.37
shorts: $58.08

I am so obsessed with this top and shorts. Personally, I would be a little self conscious about wearing it... there is a LOT of belly out there for the world.  Even though I'm not positive it would work for me, I think it would be so amazing on the right girl. The fabric is shiny and looks very expensive. Once again, probably more Spring/Summer appropriate, but I'm sure the pieces (mostly the shorts) could work in the other seasons as well.


top: ???

shorts: $58.08

This was my absolute favorite set. That is why I decided to include it in my post even though I couldn't find the matching shirt (which I was super bummed about)! I especially love the cut and pattern of this top/short combo. I know, I know, more appropriate for the warmer months, but the shirt could really work at any time. If I owned this outfit, I would wear it WAY too much.
After getting a lot of snow in Scranton, all of you can probably tell that I am over Winter and ready to wear 
some Spring and Summer clothes. I'm ready to shed this knee length coat and to go to the park!

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