For my Illustration Methods class at University of the Arts, I was given a dream assignment,

"Do Whatever you want"

Just make it communicate something and make it fantastic.

These are things I can work with. After the cut, I'll show you each individual print and my hand lettering process.
Recently, I have developed an intense obsession for typography. It's all about the type, people. 
Say goodbye to Papyrus, Party Letters, and Comic Sans and begin your life anew.

For this series of screen prints, I took lyrics from three of my favorite bands: Man Man, WHY? and mewithoutYou, and illustrated them using lettering and minimal imagery.

The Process

Here is my process for type.

First off, I start with a lot of little thumbnails which are just lines indicating layout. From there, I move onto the step shown in first picture. I always need to start of with a complete garbage mess of a drawing. Getting out my ideas quickly is important so the drawing will remain loose and not lose it's flow. Once I get my general layout figured out, I refine from there. As I move along, things get tighter, more descriptive, and cleaner. These are three sketches of the five or six that I did for the Man Man print. The final sketch is the positive that I burned into my screen.

Man Man: Pink Wonton

WHY?: By Torpedo or Crohn's

MewithoutYou: Elephant In the Dock

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