Exciting news! Recently, pov3 was accepted for our first sponsored campaign on BrandBacker. Erin, Roni, and I were all overjoyed about this great opportunity.

I was sent the Holiday Smokey Eye Palette by Studio Gear Cosmetics. Read more about it after the cut!

The Palette

Here is the beautiful Holiday Smokey Eye Palette by Studio Gear Cosmetics!

As you can see, in this palette there are 4 eyeshadows and one blush.
1. Frost: A nice shimmery highlight color, perfect for putting in the tear duct of the eye or underneath the brow.
2. Coal: A smokey gray color, also one of the most pigmented shadows of the bunch.
3. Smokey Glow: A peach blush that I think would compliment any skin tone beautifully.
4. Platinum: A standard grey shadow that is quite pigmented.
5. Glimmer: A gold shimmery shadow that works best as a blending color or over a shimmery primer.

Applying the Palette

This is a tutorial provided by Studio Gear inside the palette. For this post, I summed it up, but you can find the full version including Studio Gear's brush names and extra details here.

Step 1(not pictured): Prime the lid with Prime Objective Eye Primer (I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance)

Step 2: Apply Coal Shadow for a dramatic look or Platinum shadow for a softer look from lash line to crease (I chose to use Platinum since I have fair skin and blue eyes).

Step 3: Starting at the corner of your eye, use Coal to create a V shape and blend it outward to create a slight cat eye.

Step 4: Apply Glimmer shadow above the crease and into the brow bone. Also can be used as a highlight on the nose and cupid's bow (I used Glimmer only on my eyes and a different color to highlight my nose and cheeks).

Voila! You are done!
Here are my eyes with just the eyeshadow.

Now here they are with some eyeliner and mascara!

Here I am with the eye shadow and blush all applied (and with a crazy ponytail).

Overall this is how I feel about the palette.

1. Frost is my favorite of the eyeshadows. I have been looking for a new highlight color. For me, this one is perfect. It is shimmery but doesn't have chunks of glitter that cause fall out that gets all over my face. Happy Molly!

2.Snowy Glow is a GREAT blush. I normally opt for blushes that are bright pink, and this was a push for me to join the coral blush family! In my opinion, this blush would look great on any skin color.

3. Platinum and Coal are pretty shadows, but I'm not sure how much use I will get out of them. Since I'm quite pale and have very light eyes, I try to stay away from harsh colors like black. My eyes can sometimes look grey, and grey shadows bring that out. I'd rather play up the blue/green colors in my eyes! For the readers out there that love their shades of grey however, these are nicely pigmented shadows that will last you all day!

4.Glimmer is a shadow I will use, but not necessarily as a highlight color. I personally think an iridescent shades of white/cream work better for highlighting spots around the face. Regardless of that, Glimmer still a very pretty color, but I'll stick with using it on the eyes!

Want to try one of your own?

You're in luck! And the lovely people at Studio Gear are even offering you a discount for reading this post!

Discount Code: SGHOLIDAY (10% off)

Type that in at the checkout and you will be 10% richer than you would've been otherwise!
I hope you all give it a try, please feel free to ask me any questions below.

Special thanks again to both Studio Gear Cosmetics andBrandBacker!

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