We all get excited for the winter season, beautiful blankets of snow and hot cocoa, but after the first snow fall the magic is usually gone. It is replaced withdirty snow and freezing temperatures leaving us all wishing for tropical climates. The worst part about the cold snap is the dry air that comes along with it, causing the dreaded.... chapped lips
Here are my favorite products to combat the cold winter months, so you too can survive chapped lips...
1. Smith's Minted Rose lip Balm & Rosebud Salve $6 each

I was introduce to Rosebud Salve about 4 years ago as a remedy fro dry, cracked cuticles and hands when working in a screen printing studio. Since then, I have used Rosebud Salve religiously before I go to sleep during the winter months. Even more so now that I live in Manhattan where dry, crackling heat is always in abundance. I recently discovered Smith's Minted Rose lip balm a few months ago at a local anthropology and was hooked by it's minty aroma and haven't been seen without it since. They are both petroleum jelly based products with oils mixed in (either rose or mint). Basically a fancy petroleum jelly to make you feel fabulous and keep your lips hydrated.

They do not have any color or tint to them once applied to your lips and are therefore good for either male or female, giving them an A in my book.
2. eos lip balm sphere $3-6 each depending on where you buy them

These little dudes are the latest craze, and for good reason. They are a spin on your classic lip balm with a wide variety of fruity flavors in a neatly shaped sphere for easy application. After seeing them everywhere, I decided to grab one for myself. I love the scent and the moisture is nice but it did not last as long as I would have liked. This may be because I'm used to ultra hydration with my petroleum jelly.
But because you get so much in a sphere, it is great for re-application.

These also do not have a color tint, but the bright colored packages make them more of a girly product. Because the hydration left me for frequent re-application, I give eos spheres a B
3. Fanciful Fox Vegan Lip Balm $3 

*Favorite Alert*

For the price and everything this lip balm represents, it is amazeballs. With great scents and ethically sound ingredients and packaging, this product is all around awesome. Even the shape of the packaging of the balm allows for all over coverage of every last bit of your lips. I personally went for the blueberry cheesecake flavor and am shocked by how wonderful the scent is. The shea butter keeps your lips hydrated and silky smooth from your first application, and I have found that using it for a few days straight makes your lips feel like sugary soft pillows.

By my raving review< you can tell I'm giving this one an A+ Versatile for men and women PLUS all natural, safe ingredients? I'll be taking one in each flavor please.
4. Smashbox O-Gloss  $23

Intuitive lip gloss sounds like a thing of the future. A lip gloss that can sense your perfect shade of pink? Yup, this is your baby. Now this gloss doesn't claim to be a hydration queen, but from someone who has sworn by this lip gloss since she was 16, I can tell you that this gloss never leaves my sight day or night. Yes, it is much pricier than the other products listed above, but this is for a lady who wants hydration and beautiful, natural-looking pink lips that shine without having to use 2-3 products at once. The gloss goes on clear and magically transitions into your perfect shade of pink, not too dark not too light, leaving a tint  on your lips once the glossy shine fades away. A tube generally lasts me 4 months, sometimes even longer, making the price worth while. If you never want to worry about finding your perfect shade of lipgloss again, look no further. 

A for style and hydration. Did I mention the color lasts for hours, even when the glossy shine is gone?

Now it may seem like I am a phony because I rave about so many products, but no. I really do carry 3,4, or even 5 lip glosses or lip balms in my purse at all times. I have tried just about every product out there that i know of and am constantly trying even more. You may say that it is an obsession, and I may agree with you.

01/07/2014 1:03pm

I just bought my first eos in pomegranate. I like it enough, but I'm not sure I really understand the hype.

01/07/2014 6:15pm

I completely agree, I feel as if they are more hype than anything but they work well enough


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