This week I got to see my favorite band live... Vampire Weekend. The show was one of the most fun concerts I've ever been to. This is the shot I got from the front row... Ezra Koenig (left), Chris Tomson (center, on drums), Chris Baio (right), and Rostam Batmanglij (not shown) make up the group. 
This is where I started, about 5th row from the front. Still pretty close with a good view. But since I'm a spoiled brat, I wouldn't stand for anything but front row. We were standing in a great spot because Chris Baio was clearly the life of the party. His dance moves were hilarious and he was throwing his guitar picks into the crowd all night. 
So of course, during the song A-Punk, I pushed my way to the front row. Only to be close to the one and only Ezra Koenig, god of indie pop/rock.  His jumpsuit automatically boosted his cool level tenfold. Not like he needed it or anything. His vocals were impeccable, and there wasn't one note off. His performance during the song "One (Blake's Got a New Face)" actually blew me away. His voice is unreal. 
I had to pick out an outfit that transitioned well from class to the concert, as I didn't get a chance to change. I picked this simple "Jaws" shirt with a jean vest, black skinny jeans, and my favorite boots... floral Doc Martens. 
I added my favorite flannel to keep warm during the commute to the show. I'm lookin like a goof. 

Jaws shirt: Forever 21; Studded jean vest: Bluefly; High- Waisted skinny jeans: Urban Outfitters; Boots: Doc Marten.

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