Holiday Dresses
Which of the Four Temperaments are you, and which dress would fit your personality the best? Find out here.
I've seen a lot of Holiday Dress Guides lately, and I've decided to add a little twist on it. There are Four Temperaments in modern psychology, so this dress guide is organized by which Temperament you fall under. There are technical terms, and there are animal terms, which are way more fun. The four different types are the Beaver, the Golden Retriever, the Otter, and the Lion. Not sure which one you are? Click the link below to take the personality test! Don't worry, there are only 10 questions.

Oh, and all of the dresses are under $100!

Personality Test

Beaver/ Melancholic

So you are a beaver, which means you are introverted and wonderfully organized. You're a perfectionist, and you'd prefer a night in watching Netflix than a night going out on the town. These styles will give you a cute holiday look without calling too much attention to yourself, with subdued colors and modest necklines. 


You're an otter (me too)! People like us love attention, and we're very sensitive. We want to be the life of the party, but we're not exactly the most organized people ever... Steal the show at your holiday party with these eye-catchers, from sequins to pretty patterns. 

Choleric/ Lion

If you're a lion, you are confident and ready to take the lead. You are strong and direct about how you feel. Since you're definitely competitive, this collection is filled with unique dresses that will make sure no one else has anything like it, or looks as good as you do. You know you can rock the bold look!

Golden Retriever/ Phlegmatic

Awh, you got the cutest animal! That being said, you make friends very easily. You are looking for appreciation a lot of times, and people love you. You are somewhat introverted, however, and slightly afraid of change. Not to worry, because you can wear these dresses for years to come! They are classic and vintage pieces that you'll never get sick of. 
Which one were you? Do you think the dresses fit your personality? I'd love to know!

     - Erin

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