With the first two weeks of January over, keeping up with your New Years resolution might be getting less exciting. And let's be honest, most people have vowed to take more trips to the gym as part of their 2014 promises. 

Personally, my goal is to do more yoga and build my strength, since I can hardly open a bottle on my own.

Something that seems to always keep me motivated is new workout clothes. I've found some in different price ranges, so even if you've spent all of your holiday cash, you can still afford a little gym pick me up!

If you have money to blow and can afford to splurge on activewear, I cannot stress enough how AMAZING Athleta clothing is. It's comfortable, breathable, and there are even some things that are unstinkable! Strange as it may seem, it definitely will help if you are someone who seems to sweat a lot when working out. The quality certainly comes at a high price, though. So this brand may not be for everyone. All of the styles are pretty cool, but here are some of my favorites. 

For the people who aren't willing to spend a fortune on activewear (I'm with you on that one), Target carries a great line of sporty clothes that are great to work out in. The C9 brand has done me wonders throughout the years, and everything is wonderfully affordable! Although the styles aren't as varying as some other stores might have, the quality for the price is pretty much unbeatable. These are some of my personal picks right now.  

I've never ordered workout clothes from Forever 21, but I'm about to change that. Probably within the week. Looking through their website, they have some really awesome designs for gym clothes at crazy low prices. I'm not sure how great the quality is, but just look at these! The bright colors are definitely my style, so I'm going to chance ordering them for now. Has anyone gotten any before?

Now you may not realize this, but JC Penney is the best. They have name brands and some insane sales (which is absolutely what I'm about). With brands like Nike, you know you're getting great quality. There's also a huge variety at such a large store, which is a plus. Even if you're not normally into department stores, check these out and you might change your mind.

I hope this gave you some inspiration to stay on your gym grind this week. I know I'll be doing some shopping and feeling like a star on the treadmill. Now only if I could look like the models in these clothes... hmmmm....


01/17/2014 9:49am

this inspired me so much, i'm headed to target today to pick up those pants :P

Erin @ pov3
01/21/2014 10:26am

that's great! i blew a lot of money on the forever 21 ones right after making this post :)


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