Halloweekend is over, but is it ever too early to start planning for next year?


For this costume I used a Tutorial from Martha Stewart. I was actually really surprised how many awesome tutorials Martha Stewart has on her website. Definitely worth checking out for next year!

Yarn, Floral Wire, and Bees: Michaels
The bees that I had were perfect for this since they were made out of foam. First, I poked a hole through with wire, and after I put a lump of hot glue on the hole. Then, when I put the wire through the second time, it stayed in place all night. I used varying wire lengths so some of the bees would stick out more than others.

Yellow Acrylic Paint: Blick
This isn't a step that's necessary by any means, but I thought would make my costume a little more fun. The color I used is Cadmium Yellow Light by Liquitex (I used this one since I already own it, but if you don't paint, I would look for a cheaper brand). All I did dunk the bottom of a paintbrush in paint and make dots surrounding my eyes. Pretty simple stuff.

Dress: Forever 21

Tights: American Apparel
Paying $16 for this tights kind of pained me... but the color was perfect and it was one of the few things I bought for Halloween this year. YES I am trying to rationalize this.

Shoes: H&M (sold out)

Overall I think this turned out pretty well considering I got everything ready at 8 PM the night I was going out. My hair didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, but I think I figured it out a lot better the next night.


For this costume, I used the same tutorial I used above, but this time I modified it to be my own idea. I decided to be a picnic. Why? Not sure. For some reason it sounded really appealing to me. I wore this costume on Friday, and was the only person dressed up on the entire Philly subway car. Needless to say, I got a lot of stares. I bet they were just hungry.

Yarn: Michaels
The second go around I had a little bit more time to do my hair a bit better. In the Martha Stewart tutorial, they just twist the hair (which is what I did when I was a beehive). This time, I decided to braid it instead and I think it looks a lot better. Twists can easily unravel and look sloppy while a braid will stay in place.

Food: Amazon
At first I was set on getting children's play food, but then I found these food erasers and they couldn't be more perfect for a picnic. Also they were pretty cheap! To put them in my hair I put hot glue down on the back of the eraser, then a piece of floral wire, and then a small piece of cardboard on the back for extra support. Then I just stuck them in my hair like I did with the bees!

Ants: Amazon
I could have just painted the ants on my face, but I thought it might be cool to get three dimensional ones instead. I used eyelash glue to attach them to my face. Some of them took a couple tries to get them stay on, but once they were on, they were ON. A lot of people came up to me and touched them....

Shirt: Forever 21
I looked everywhere for a gingham shirt or dress, unfortunately I had no luck. Even though this shirt is a little bit more lumberjack than picnic, I think it still worked out alright.

Bustier: Forever 21
I'm so happy I bought this. If it was socially acceptable to wear it every day, I probably would.

Jeans: Forever 21 (sold out)

Shoes: H&M (sold out)

I had a lot of fun with this costume. Then again, I always have fun with costumes. If you don't, you aren't doing Halloween right!

What were you this year?!
I hope you all had fun!
Carol Edwards
11/03/2013 1:19pm

Molly.. I love the outfits (costumes)... you look great in both.... very natural!! Ideas for many for next year!!

11/03/2013 3:18pm

Thank you, Carol! Hope you are doing well.

Rachel Dennen
11/03/2013 1:57pm

"I bet they were just hungry." Hahaha, or jealous because your costume looked sweet! Having your hair as the main creative point of your costume is so unique! I love the costumes!!

11/03/2013 3:18pm

Awhhhh. Thank you! So happy you enjoyed them. Miss you tons!

11/03/2013 2:46pm

It looks really pretty on you. Love the idea with yellow hair!


11/03/2013 3:18pm

Thanks so much. Love your blog!

Kirby Kirby
11/03/2013 4:20pm

oh Molly, you are awesome.

11/11/2013 8:52am

I think the slightly messier hair actually worked in your favor for the beehive look! I love both costumes though; definitely bookmarking this for next year. I made a DIY Katy Perry costume - gluing scrap-booking candies/sweets to a bustier, etc.


11/11/2013 9:59am

Thanks Emma, happy you enjoyed it!
Sounds like an awesome costume. Just checked out your blog. It's great!


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