Here are the latest pieces of I've done this semester. There's been some late nights and lots of coffee, but I think it's been all worth it. Check out the process after the cut!

Assignment: Environment

For this assignment, we had to draw concept art involving some sort of environment. This is the story that I based my sketch off of.

"Edna the Chicken prided herself on her famous apple pie recipe. For generations, this heavenly formula was passed down through Edna’s family, making all of the animals in the neighborhood happy. Once a year, there was a giant baking competition in her neighborhood. Judges came from many different farms to taste the delectable morsels. Unfortunately, not all of the animals were happy about Edna’s baking success. Francine the Duck was one of those animals. Francine and her family, for generations, have always fallen in second place. Sick of defeat, Francine makes a plot to steal Edna’s famous apple pie recipe. While Edna goes to a tree to pick more apples, Francine grabs the famous apple pie from the window to use for her own success. Will such deceit actually get Francine the best baker crown?"

Reason number 905 I am a child in an adults body
This was the rough pencil sketch that I used as a basis for my digital drawing. As you can see from later steps, many parts of this drawing were edited.
Next was the black and white study. After I did the sketch, I realized some changes needed to be made. I made the Edna the Chicken bigger so she appeared more forward, giving it a better sense of aerial perspective (part of the assignment as well). I also added in some more trees and changed the shape of the existing ones a bit. Other things were also tweaked like the sidewalk, house, etc.
This is the final piece that I turned in yesterday. As you can see, there is quite a leap from the black and white study to this piece. I added in a lot more detail, and obviously COLOR! This was one of the first illustrations I've ever done including an environment, and I actually really enjoyed it. There are so many spots for me to put patterns in!

Assignment: Broadside

For my Screen Printing class, we had to create a broadside poster. A broadside is basically just an ad or a public notice. I was in the mood to draw a lady in a cameo type profile view, so I figured, why not do "Ladies first!" as my broadside slogan. Here is my original sketch and then some of the color studies I did for my print. It is always good to figure out your colors before you print or work on any final art. That way there's no guessing game in the end!

This project also needed to feature a split fountain. Most people are probably more familiar with the Photoshop term gradient, which is essentially what a split fountain is. When printing, instead of laying one color of ink on the screen, you put two down. After a few print runs, the ink begins to blend into one another and gradates down the image.
Here's the final print! Some registration issues, but I'm new at this game, people! I'm trying! Thankfully, I finally figured out a way for me to print that my weak little arms can handle! For me, always printing with my screen horizontally and using a massive squeegee seems to work the best. If you are a weakling like me, give it a shot!

Assignment: Animal

For this assignment, my professor just told us to draw something with an animal in it. How could this NOT be fun? For each new project, we always have to bring three sketches of different ideas for the assignment. Here are mine. 
(click 'em to make 'em bigger)
As much as I love dog puns, I decided to pass on that idea. My professor loved the Fantastic Mr. Fox cover and told me that I should work on that for the next two weeks.  I wasn't really ready to let go of the Little Red Riding Hood cover though... so I did them both!
There are the finished products! As you can see, many changes were made from the sketch stage to the finished art. This is yet another project that I did all digitally. I think I'm joining the dark side....

Hope you enjoyed what I've been working on for the past 2-3 weeks. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
11/18/2013 7:26am

These are amazing! You're so talented
Lucy x

Molly @ pov3
11/18/2013 8:40am

Awh Lucy! Thanks so much.


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