As this year is coming to a close, I want to share my favorite looks that I've seen on the red carpets this year. So here's my top ten!

Never throw away scrap yarn. An unspoken rule knitting nerds live by. Many times your leftovers produce the best projects. GET CREATIVE (with your 10 yards of orange yarn leftover that is)...

I recently returned from my 3 month trip overseas, and it is certainly bittersweet to be home. While abroad, I visited 5 different countries, each beautiful in its own right. Since I was only in most countries for a weekend, I had to pack light. Checking bags at the airport is tres expensive, and a student on a budget should try to avoid it. So instead, I brought a single backpack with me, which proved to be super convenient. By going on several different trips, I learned what was a necessity and what was just a waste of much needed space. I'll share with you my top 3 of each! 


Finals week can be Hell....

From studying every waking minute and not seeing the outside of your dorm room for days to the anticipation of winter break, finals week is a mess. 


It may not be the Equinox yet, but looking outside in Philadelphia today, it's definitely Winter to me. My favorite thing that Winter brings is WEARING SWEATERS ALL DAY EVERY DAY!
So let's celebrate the upcoming holiday with 
The 25 Days of Sweaters!
Happy first day of snow to Philadelphia!

I just got back from a weekend trip to Barcelona, and although it wasn't warm (at all), it was definitely a trip that I would recommend.


A Stay Warm Tip for a frigid winter

Freezing cold temperatures are coming to town....

Exciting news! Recently, pov3 was accepted for our first sponsored campaign on BrandBacker. Erin, Roni, and I were all overjoyed about this great opportunity.

I was sent the Holiday Smokey Eye Palette by Studio Gear Cosmetics. Read more about it after the cut!